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Two black women who are creating an infinity of delicious, plant-based and memorable bakes and sweet treats.


Cherry Chops is a two-woman team. Best friends brought together whilst studying the culinary arts.

Our range of delicious bakes and treats are uniquely created to serve people who have food restrictions like my daughter (also known as cherry). Our passion for baking, simply needed to be adapted, creating accessible treats for everyone.

Chef, Cherry's Godmother and now certified baker was already part of the dairy-free, gluten-free world, creating specialised dietary treats for family and friends, when Cherry Chops came to life.

@cherrychopscakes, together we have created a delicious range of 100% dairy-free bakes, a menu that is 85% vegan and easily adaptable to become gluten-free and soya-free or to your specific dietary requirements.

photo of Founders and their baby girl

Cherry is a sweet nickname I gave Sophia as soon as I found out I was expecting.

Sophia is an incredibly sweet, smart and loving girl. She loves to be in the kitchen and experiment with her Mama and Auntie. 

We are extremely lucky to have this sweet girl in our lives teaching and inspiring us to share love, joy and bakes with everyone.

Photo of Co-founder: Beatrice

Hi, I'm Beatrice, Sophia's Mama and food lover.


As a mother, Chef, self-taught baker and co-founder of Cherry Chops Cakes, my inspiration comes from seeing my little girl smile, enjoy life to its fullest, regardless of her dietary requirements.

My passion is to experiment, create and delight people through my love of food. 


The challenging times Baby Cherry and I faced, transformed into an extraordinary journey, teaching me the commitment, determination and resilience, that has brought about Cherry Chops Cakes and bakes that aim to suit and include everyone. 


Hi, I'm Isis Caldwell, Chef and 'Cherry's God Mother.


As a professional chef, it is my passion to explore culinary delights and challenges, finding new ways of satisfying customers palettes and taste buds.


As a pastry chef and through my joy of many things sweet, I found my love of providing delights for my family, who have food intolerances, to enjoy.


This continues to be the driving force behind creating the tastiest treats and... that you too can enjoy, regardless of your dietary requirements.